Louvered awnings provide the advantages of retractable, lattice and solid awnings. Louvered awnings give you the control of having a retractable awning to control the sunlight you allow in at different times of the day. Louvered awnings have an ease of maintenance, or you may want to add the beauty of lattice, or the protection of a solid awning.


This is one of our favorite types of awnings, because of its versatility and beauty. The frame can either have two vertical supports with one side attached to the house or four free standing vertical supports to make it movable. Unlike other models of retractable awnings, the frame, size, and shape are all fixed.


What are Louver Roof Awnings?


If you’re not familiar, then you could imagine a Venetian shade placed horizontally in a frame. The joists between the two sides of the frame allows some of the light to pass through, but also provide considerable shade. Most of the models feature fixed position joists that are always perpendicular to the ground. These are incredibly popular in upscale locations in the southern Utah region.


A Louvered awning can keep your outdoor deck or patio up to 20 degrees cooler, and it can also lower your internal cooling bill by limiting the amount of sunlight that goes through the patio windows or doors. They have also been shown to lower the carbon footprint of the home.


With proper maintenance, a Louvered awning can easily last for more than a decade. Simple common-sense cleaning and routine upkeep will keep it in good working order.