An awning is a roof like cover extending over or in front of a place (as over the deck or in front of a door or window) as a shelter from the sun, wind, and rain. A Pergola is a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters. We can create a living space that is custom to you and your home. Keep shaded and create an outdoor space ready to make memories.


The Southern Utah summers can be harsh at times. What better way to enjoy your backyard than with an awning to keep you from the sun and provide you with needed shade? There are as many awning options as there are different backyards. Let The Awning Company help you decide which is best for you. One alternative are retractable awnings.


Let your imagination run wild with a custom combination style. From Summer to Winter and every day in between you can enjoy your outdoor living space.

Sun or Shade ? You decide with retractable awnings.

Some of the advantages of retractable awnings are:

Control: sun – shade – light when you want it or when you don’t
Maximize and expand outdoor living area
Increase home value
Decrease utility bills

What makes our patio covers different from other aluminum patio products? We use a multi-step coating system that cleans the aluminum sheet followed by a baked-on primer coat. We then finish it off with a nice thick coat of Kynar 500, featuring an ultra-tough carbon/fluoride bond. This product is loved for its chemical and stain resistance, exterior durability, salt spray resistance, fade and color resistance, and gloss retention.


Simply put, this multi-step process provides a coating system that outperforms any other aluminum product in our industry. Architects around the world specify Kynar 500 resin-based coatings because of its ability to withstand the rigors of nature and time. This high-performance coating system has an extraordinary capability to retain color and gloss and keeps painted metal looking vibrant and appealing for years to come


IS IT WOOD OR IS IT ALUMINUM? With the realistic driftwood finish, it’s hard to tell. However, the difference will be clear when you notice our product unchanged by the harsh weather elements. Our products are never in need of paint or repair, will not burn, or attract termites and is virtually a maintenance-free part of your home.


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